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Why Agape

The concept of Agape (ἀγάπη) refers to True Love, which is a different expression of Love from romantic, familial, or even brotherly love.

In the Greek language, different forms of love were given different words. Eros means romantic love. Philos means familial love or platonic love.

Agape means Love that comes from a higher state of Consciousness. Agape is Love for all beings to be free from suffering. Agape is Universal. It is expressed as the Love of Truth and Freedom themselves.

Our Values


This does not mean chaos. It means without rulers. We willingly adhere to the sacred feminine principle of non-aggression, and the sacred masculine principle of self-defense.


We will endeavor to always do the Right thing, regardless of the consequences. Courage is an internal quality fostered by Care and hearth-based intelligence.


This means Love for Truth, Freedom, and Justice. We will endeavor to use this generative principle to drive us towards True Order, which is Freedom.


We chose to live in harmony with Natural Law, Objective Morality, and to align our perceptions with that which is, namely the Truth.

Our Mission

Our mission transcends traditional business and commerce. We are dedicated to addressing the fundamental causes of the human condition – ignorance, apathy, cowardice, and the ailments of body, mind, and soul. We believe that true liberation lies in aligning our thoughts, emotions and actions with Objective Morality and Natural Law, healing the deep wounds that afflict us individually and as a society. Our ultimate vision is to usher humanity into a state of True Freedom, unlocking boundless potential and nurturing a world based in Truth, Love and Freedom.

Our Experience

Agape Gardens
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Slav NikolovSlav Nikolov
11:52 25 Mar 24
Beautiful place, wonderful people! Welcoming atmosphere where you can see and feel the hosts living and creating wholesomeness, not just a tourist trap. Sauna, cold baths, fire pit, wood stove warmed gazebo with 360 windows, all with beautiful views. Ideal spot for a quiet escape with your loved one, or a team building fun with a bigger group!
Lise-Ann BouchardLise-Ann Bouchard
18:06 21 Mar 24
Erica SainsburyErica Sainsbury
21:22 17 Mar 24
We spent a perfect sunday afternoon enjoying the thermal experience at Agape Gardens today. The facilities are great; super clean and cozy. The vibe is fantastic. There are some beautiful trees surrounding the spa area, and the view of the hills is beautiful. I briefly drifted off into a short nap in the rest-area gazebo, with the woodstove blazing and the sound of rain on the metal roof. It was blissfully relaxing. We will definitely be back!
Sonia GautreauSonia Gautreau
01:11 08 Mar 24
Hubby and I experienced a Venik Treatment for the first time at Agape Gardens this evening. What a treat! Jennie was very welcoming and the treatment felt great, including the ice bath! The grounds are intimate and beautifully organized. We enjoyed a tea in the gazebo before heading home feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. I highly recommend treating yourself to this experience. It was our first time but certainly not our last.
Mathieu St-JeanMathieu St-Jean
23:20 02 Mar 24
A quiet and welcoming place.
Nathalie BruneauNathalie Bruneau
00:05 24 Jan 24
Highly recommended for anyone looking to share a unique and memorable experience in an idylic and private setting. Amazing hosts. The whole experience in -25 degree weather was memorable. The detoxifying and energizing effects of the hot and cold spa therapy was felt well after we left! Thanks Jeremy and Jennie! ❤️
Avah SparksAvah Sparks
19:31 22 Jan 24
This was a truly amazing night with -21C Canadian winter temperatures … with a great company of friends, a cozy cabin, outdoor fire and hot sauna with a freezing bath. Highly recommended for serene nature, outdoor lovers and the seekers of unique experience. Thank you Jeremy for all the extras and your hospitality. We’ll be back for sure!

Our Work

An extraordinary 28-acre land near Ottawa and the world renowned Gatineau Hills , located in Luskville, Quebec, Canada with a diverse natural ecosystem including fields, ponds, forest, and incredible views.